Grenache from Roussillon, France is Poised for Growth

As the holiday season kicks off in America, Grenache, a multi-faceted grape, should be top-of-mind. Although the grape is often used in blends, it can also stand well on its own. Grenache is the rising star of Roussillon, a wine region conveniently nestled in the South of France between Spain, the Mediterranean Sea, the Pyrenees & the Corbières Mountains. “The majority of the wines we produce are Grenache-based (some even 100%), and currently sell in America’s sweet spot of $10-$25” says Eric Aracil, Export Manager of CIVR, the Roussillon Wine Council. “As American consumption rises, it’s a great opportunity to show our diverse wines from the dry, bold reds, eclectic dry whites, to our fortified sweet wines-called Vins Doux Naturels.”

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