A New President for the CIVR

On July 3rd 2017 the General Assembly of the CIVR, Roussillon Wines Council, enacted the transition of its Presidency from Fabrice Rieu to Philippe Bourrier.

A Catalonian native and agronomist, Philippe Bourrier has owned Château de l’Ou since 1998, a 100-acre organic vineyard that produces about 120,000 bottles a year in AOP Côtes du Roussillon and IGP Côtes Catalanes, 60% of which are exported to Northern Europe, America and Asia-Pacific. He indicated that his priority as a President of Roussillon Wines Council will be to promote the image of Roussillon Wines at the local, national and international levels in order to meet the level of awareness that these still-underrated wines deserve.

Fabrice Rieu, who manages the negociant company Albera Nayandei, became delegate Vice-President of the CIVR, following the principle of alternance between producers and negociants respected by the CIVR. He notably initiated the brand «Infiniment Roussillon» and started the renowned International Grenache Competition.


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