Discover the Iconic Cocktail from Roussillon

Full of citrus notes, with just the slightest touch of bitterness, this cocktail is made from Rivesaltes Ambré – a Roussillon Vins Doux Naturels with its own appellation since 1936 – and tonic water. Ultra-refreshing, it is best sipped slowly, over crushed iced, with a slice of orange for decoration, after work or during an evening among friends. Or get creative and enjoy it your way – the possibilities are endless!

The main ingredient in the Riv’tonic, Rivesaltes Ambré is a Vins Doux Naturels aged in an oxidative environment for at least three years. Its amber color is coppery, with golden glints. On the palate, there are notes of candied orange, gingerbread, dried fruits, caramel and mild spices. As a young wine, Rivesaltes Ambré also turns out to be a simple and authentic ingredient for both short and long drinks: its aromatic richness invigorates contemporary cocktails! Look for Rivesaltes Ambré at your favorite wine shop, or – if you happen to be visiting the Roussillon region – in one of the appellation’s many wineries and domains

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