8th Edition of the competition Grenaches du Monde rewards the Grenache Ambassadors

This distinction rewards the wine with the highest score at the tasting inside a category with a significant number of vintages presented.

For this 2020 edition, 8 ambassadors have been appointed including the Category Sweet Wines: PDO Rivesaltes (France); the Category Grenache Blend Wines: PDO Maury Sec (France) and 6 categories by major wine-growing regions in pure Grenache represented by the following appellations :

o Aragon and DO Campo de Borja (Spain)

o Catalonia and DO Terra Alta (Spain)

o Sardinia and DOC Cannaunao di Sardegna (Italy)

o The Marche region and the IGT Marche Rosso (Italy)

o Languedoc and the PGI Pays d’Oc (France)

o Roussillon and PGI Côtes Catalanes (France)

“These are remarkable figures that reflect the efforts made over the last 8 years by the Interprofession des Vins du Roussillon to ensure that this competition will become one of the world’s largest varietal wine competitions, but with the particularity of also having tasters who buy the wines”. Philippe Bourrier, Président du Conseil Interprofessionnel des Vins du Roussillon


Covering 192,455 hectares of vines, Grenache ranks seventh among the most planted grape varieties in the world. Emblematic of Mediterranean countries, it ranks third in Europe with 178,628 hectares, or 93% of the world’s surface area. France, Spain and Italy are the top three producing countries, with France’s 90,000 hectares, i.e. about 50% of the world’s Grenache.


Created in 2013 in Perpignan, the Grenaches du Monde Contest, which became an itinerant event in 2016, is an annual competition open to all wines (dry, sweet, or sparkling), with a majority of Grenache, with no restrictions on color, origin or nationality. “The event aims to highlight the extraordinary diversity of Grenache cuvées,” explains Fabrice Rieu, President of Grenaches du Monde. 15 of the 16 designations of origin from the Roussillon vineyard include Grenache in their specifications, so it was quite natural that the Competition was born on the initiative of the Conseil Interprofessionel des Vins du Roussillon. www.grenachesdumonde.com

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