Roussillon Reveals World’s First Viticultural Panel System for Terroir Stimulation

Wines of Roussillon revealed the world’s first vineyard to harness solar panel mechanics to influence the microclimate surrounding its grapes, ensuring their finest development.

Unlike any other sun-powered vineyards, which solely use solar panels to generate renewable energy for the wineries’ use, Domaine de Nidoleres, is adopting a solar panel system developed to mimic the most favorable climactic conditions to control yields and achieve the perfect level of ripeness for grapes.

Here are the four essential functions of Nidoleres’ viticultural panel system:

  • Reducing water waste. Shielded from the sun, grapes require less water;
  • Preventing the need for treatment. Shielded from the rain, mold and diseases do not develop as easily;
  • Regulating yields. The reduction of mold and scorching increases the quantity of healthy grapes and juice;
  • Increasing quality. Protected from sun overexposure and photosynthesis, grapes develop less sugar and retain more aromas, producing wines that are more acidic and fresh, with lower alcohol content.

Click here to download the full description of the project.