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Wines of Roussillon

The 2012 Vintage in the Roussillon

The clip of secateurs has been echoing in the Muscat à Petits Grains vineyards since the 5th of August. Grapes harvested very early have given the advantage of vivid fruit character to the first dry white wines. And, as usual, the first harvests in France are taking place in the...
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‘Revelation in Roussillon’ – by Chris Redman

The new generation of Roussillon winemakers is helping the quality equation by keeping yields low. Combine the region’s natural advantages with relatively low land prices and it’s no wonder that savvy winemakers from around the world have been showing up, checkbooks in hand, to join the wine rush—thus putting Roussillon in...
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IGP Rancio Sec

Dry Rancio wines have crossed centuries of History and are a testimony to the Roussillon wine culture. Aficionados like to drink them at a temperature of 54◦F, at the aperitif hour with tapas, tapenade, and salted anchovies. They can be enjoyed with cheeses like Comté and dry goat cheeses. These...
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